Requests and guidelines for customers visiting the store
Only the customers who have responded and agreed to all of the following will be able to visit the store and make purchases.
  • Please wear a mask in and around the store at all times
  • Please take your temperature and disinfect your hands before entering the store
  • Please keep the distance as instructed by the store when lining up
  • Please present a total of 2 identification; A driver’s license (must be issued by the Public Safety Commission or the National Police Agency) or a My Number card with a photo, and something to verify your current address (utility bill) (To prevent infection due to the time required for verification, passports and other forms of identification are not acceptable.)
  • Up to two people at a time when visiting the store with multiple people
Please refrain from coming to the shop if your body temperature is 37.0℃ or higher, or if you have symptoms such as cough or feeling fatigue. Please refrain from coming to the shop with people under 18 years of age.

We kindly ask for your cooperation in avoiding any trouble behavior outside the shop, or any behavior that may cause inconvenience to neighbors or passerby.

There will be conditions for participation in the lottery from 11:00 am.
Conditions will be announced (including additions, changes, etc.) on a case-by-case basis. Please be sure to check the participation conditions below before you come to the shop.
We would like everyone to have the opportunity to enter the shop, therefor we ask you kindly to limit the entry to once per month per person.
In order to ensure a smooth operation, we ask for your understanding and cooperation in following the instructions by our staff and security.

*The current offer is limited to residents in Japan. Information for overseas residents will be announced as soon as it is decided.
*In order to avoid congestion during Golden Week, we kindly ask customers if you entered the shop from April 29th (Sat) to April 30th (Sun) to please refrain from participating in the lottery from May 1st (Thu) to May 7th (Sun)

  • March
  • April
  • Area Birth Month Record
  • 1WED
  • 2THUNo Limit
  • 3FRINo Limit
  • 4SATNo Limit
  • 5SUNNo Limit
  • 6MONNo Limit
  • 7TUENo Limit
  • 8WED
  • 9THUNo Limit
  • 10FRINo Limit
  • 11SATNo Limit
  • 12SUNNo Limit
  • 13MONNo Limit
  • 14TUENo Limit
  • 15WED
  • 16THUNo Limit
  • 17FRINo Limit
  • 18SATNo Limit
  • 19SUNNo Limit
  • 20MONNo Limit
  • 21TUENo Limit
  • 22WED
  • 23THUNo Limit
  • 24FRINo Limit
  • 25SATNo Limit
  • 26SUNNo Limit
  • 27MONNo Limit
  • 28TUE1-4
  • 29WED
  • 30THU5-8
  • 31FRI9-12
  • Area Birth Month Record
  • 1SATNo Limit
  • 2SUNNo Limit
  • 3MONNo Limit
  • 4TUENo Limit
  • 5WED
  • 6THUNo Limit
  • 7FRINo Limit
  • 8SATNo Limit
  • 9SUNNo Limit
  • 10MONNo Limit
  • 11TUENo Limit
  • 12WED
  • 13THUNo Limit
  • 14FRINo Limit
  • 15SATNo Limit
  • 16SUNNo Limit
  • 17MONNo Limit
  • 18TUENo Limit
  • 19WED
  • 20THUNo Limit
  • 21FRINo Limit
  • 22SATNo Limit
  • 23SUNNo Limit
  • 24MONNo Limit
  • 25TUENo Limit
  • 26WED
  • 27THUNo Limit
  • 28FRINo Limit
  • 29SATNo LimitNo Limit
  • 30SUNNo LimitNo Limit
Residents who live in the Kanto area
Residents who live outside of the Kanto area
Kanto area:Tokyo , Chiba , Saitama , Kanagawa , Tochigi , Ibaraki , Gunma, Yamanashi , Shizuoka
*only residents in Japan.
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