The Shop And The Lineup

Q Are you open all year round?
We are closed on Wednesdays.
We are also closed on other days, we will announce on our official Twitter and the schedule on our website, so please check in if you were planning to come to the shop.
Q When are your hours of operation?
We are open from 1:00 p.m.
*We are currently open until 17:30 due to COVID-19.
Q Can I enter the shop at any time during business hours?
The shop is small, and at present we guide customers one at a time, so you may have to wait.
If the number of customers exceeds the daily capacity, we distribute numbered tickets by lottery to determine the order of entry into the shop.
Q How do I get my number?
The tickets are distributed by lottery to those who visit the store by 11:00 a.m. each time.
There are conditions to participate in the lottery, please refer to the schedule on our website for details.
Q What is a visit record?
goro’s keeps a record of all purchases, orders, and repairs made at the shop.
If you are not sure if we have a record of your visit, please call us before you come to the store.
Please note that, we cannot check on the same day.
Q Are there any other stores that goro’s approves of and that carry goro’s?
None whatsoever.
Q I just want to do an order repair or maintenance, can I come straight into the shop without lining up?
Basically, we ask all our customers to wait in line, as they come in for a variety of reasons.
However, in some special cases, we may be able to handle your request without you standing in line. In the case of an order repair or maintenance request, please call us before you come to the shop to confirm if this is available in your case.


Q What is your payment method?
Credit cards, electronic money, etc. are NOT accepted.
Q What can I buy?
You can purchase whatever is available that day.
Please ask the staff first.
Q Is there a limit to the number of items I can purchase at one time?
It depends on the availability at that time.
Please ask our staff first.
Q Do you provide a shopping bag?
No, we do not. We ask you to wear your purchase on the spot.


Q How should I maintain the oil in my leather goods?
Please use your leather goods as it is. We use special oil at the shop.
The process takes about 1-2 hours, so please call before coming to see if you would like to have it done. We may not be able to accommodate you depending on the day, please check before you come by giving us a call.
Q When is the timing for oil maintenance?
The timing of the string change is a good rule of thumb.
If you are concerned, please ask our staff first.
Q How should I maintain my silver?
A light hand polishing with a silver polishing cloth is all that is needed.
Please do not dip in any cleaning liquids.
If you have any questions, please ask our staff first.
Q Can leather items be exposed to rain or UV rays?
There is no problem for daily use.
Stains caused by rain or moisture basically cannot be removed, so please be careful. Deerskin leather has no problem to some extent, but if it gets too wet, wipe it with a towel and dry it in the shade.
Please keep the leather in a place where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight, as this can cause discoloration or deterioration of the leather, and be careful of mold caused by moisture.
If you have any problems, please consult the shop.
Other care instructions on the Internet is not suitable for goro‘s items.
Q Can I wear accessories 24/7?
We recommend that you remove it when bathing, sleeping, or while doing strenuous activity, as it may cause distortion, malfunction, or discoloration.
Please be especially careful not to lose them in hot springs or at sea.

Our Products

Q I have modified or repaired an item by myself. Can goro’s customize or repair the item in such a case?
If you have modified, repaired, or customized an item at a store not affiliated with goro’s, or by yourself, we will not be involved in any way with that item. Such modifications may damage the quality and integrity of goro’s products, and goro’s cannot be held responsible for them.
Q Do you provide authenticity appraisals?
goro’s does not recognize items purchased outside of goro’s as goro’s.
Therefore, we basically do not perform authenticity appraisals, but we will respond to requests from the police or other appropriate authorities.
Q Are goro’s products authentic on the Internet?
goro’s does not authenticate products sold on the Internet, at auctions, or in second-hand consignment stores, etc. Please consider that there is no guarantee of authenticity for this type of purchase. The only way we can ensure that your goro’s is 100% authentic is to buy it from our one and only shop in Harajuku.
Q I have seen feathers with roses on the Internet and on social networking sites, etc. Do you have such a product?
No, goro’s did not make this design, if you see one like it claiming to be from goro’s, please be aware that it is a fake.
Q Similarly, I have seen eagle face bracelets with roses. Do you have such a product?
No, goro’s did not make this design, if you see one like it claiming to be from goro’s, please be aware that it is a fake.
Q Similarly, I have seen eagles with turquoise, medal, etc. added. Are there any such products available?
No, goro’s did not make these designs, if you see one like it claiming to be from goro’s, please be aware that it is a fake.
Q Are there any Hells Angels products bearing the goro’s registered trademark?
No. Hells Angels products bearing the goro’s trademark do not exist. They are all fake. The Hells Angels products that are currently available on the Internet and in second-hand stores that are said to be related to goro’s are in no way related to goro’s.
Any product that resembles Hells Angels products and claims to be made by goro’s is a fake.
Q Are gold chains available as a product?
No, goro’s did not make this design, if you see one like it claiming to be from goro’s, please be aware that it is a fake.