The Legend of Harajuku
Yellow Eagle


About products of other companies using goro’s designGoro’s does not grant any license to other companies to use the shape of our products or the trademark rights that Goro’s owns. In recent years, we have confirmed that clothing using goro’s motifs and leather products using the goro’s logo are being sold mainly on the Internet. Goro’s is not involved in the planning, design, production, or sales of such products.
Goro’s is not involved in the design, manufacture, or sale of any of these products, and will not release any products related to goro’s without prior notification from goro’s.



Goro Takahashi (hereinafter referred to as ‘Goro’) has shown his talent for carving on leather since he was a teenager, and established the leather craft goro’s in Komagome, Tokyo in 1956. The company began its history.

In the 60’s, he produced many leather goods with intricate leather carvings, mainly bags and belts. In the late 60’s he began making his own original brass buckles and metal fittings.

Goro set up an atelier on the second floor of Central Apartment building in Minami Aoyama, and it was here that many of the world’s leading fashion designers and artists, attracted to his charisma and workmanship, would come to hang out, soaking up the vibes and deepening the friendships. During this period he turned his hands to silverwork, tirelessly working on creations of leatherworks embellished with silver accessories.
In 1972, he opened his very own shop goro’s on Omotesando. For some time, he had been drawn to the American Indian culture, and would make frequent visits to the United States, ultimately connecting with the Lakota tribe of South Dakota. He spent a great deal of time with them and soaking up the Lakota ways.
Following, in a sacred naming ceremony, he was to receive the name Yellow Eagle. In 1979, Goro was trusted sufficiently to later be permitted to dance in one of the most sacred of Lakota Ceremonies, the Sundance, he was the first for a Japanese national.
For Goro the eagle motifs were precious, they had a connection with his given Indian name Yellow Eagle and were a center of his creations.
It is one of the starting points of his life’s work, and he has continued to produce a number of representative works using his self-developed techniques and ideas, such as his original eagle pendants, feathers as well as numerous masterpiece items such as conchos, buckles, rings, and bracelets.

Goro and goro’s are the pioneer of Indian Jewellery in Japan.
Furthermore, the crafted works at goro’s which you could say are permeated with his spirit, were never passed on to any other business. Instead, since the shop’s foundation, the goro’s family (so named by him, made up of several generations of his family and trusted staff members) have continued to protect and support his works and legacy.

goro’s in Omotesando is a shop filled with Goro’s dreams and spirit, and it is the only space in the world where he has continued to mark his history for over 50 years. Even today, many fans visit from Japan and around the world, looking forward to encountering the spirit of Yellow Eagle.
*Please note that there is only one “goro’s” shop located on Harajuku/Omotesando, Tokyo. It is the only authentic shop that Goro established. There are absolutely NO branches, wholesalers, or other stores affiliated with goro’s or associated shops, nor are there any authorized goro’s stores or stores run by apprentices. Please be careful of counterfeit, imitation, and used products found on the internet and other shops.
“If they go on a journey wearing my pieces I’ve made,
I go on a journey with them. That’s what treasures me most of all”
Goro Takahashi


  • The Legend Of Harajuku Vol.1


    An introduction to the history of the legendary Goro Takahashi, and his signature masterpieces such as the eagles, feathers and rings.

  • The Legend Of Harajuku Vol.2


    Goro’s carved leather crafts in the early 1960’s transcended to his silver engraving works, like bracelets, rings and buckles.

  • The Legend Of Harajuku Vol.3


    Anecdotes about Goro’s life as told by his closest friends and family.From leather belts, the starting point of goro’s, to accessories and bags that tell the story of its history.

  • goro’s BIBLE

    2019 KODANSHA

    An introductory book that covers the history of goro’s, shop guide, item catalog and how to combine items for styling for beginners.


Q Are you open all year round?
We are closed on Wednesdays.
We are also closed on other days, we will announce on our official Twitter and the schedule on our website, so please check in if you were planning to come to the shop.
Q Can I enter the shop at any time during business hours?
The shop is small, and at present we guide customers one at a time, so you may have to wait.
If the number of customers exceeds the daily capacity, we distribute numbered tickets by lottery to determine the order of entry into the shop.
Q What is a visit record?
goro’s keeps a record of all purchases, orders, and repairs made at the shop.
If you are not sure if we have a record of your visit, please call us before you come to the store.
Please note that, we cannot check on the same day.
Q Are there any other stores that goro’s approves of and that carry goro’s?
None whatsoever.
Q Do you provide authenticity appraisals?
goro’s does not recognize items purchased outside of goro’s as goro’s.
Therefore, we basically do not perform authenticity appraisals, but we will respond to requests from the police or other appropriate authorities.
Q Are the products sold on the Internet authentic?
goro’s authentic products are sold ONLY at goro’s shop and not on the Internet.
goro’s does not authenticate products sold on the Internet, at auctions, or in second-hand consignment stores, etc. Please consider that there is no guarantee of authenticity.
Q Are there any Hells Angels products bearing the goro’s registered trademark?
No. Hells Angels products bearing the goro’s trademark do not exist. They are all fake. The Hells Angels products that are currently available on the Internet and in second-hand stores that are said to be related to goro’s are in no way related to goro’s.
Any product that resembles Hells Angels products and claims to be made by goro’s is a fake.


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